General Tibet/Nepal Giftware

Unique & Unusual

Tibet/Nepal General - Tibetan Buddhist religious artifacts, prayer wheels, bells & Vajras, prayer flags, thankas, akshamalas, and other parphernalia

Buttons - All natural hand-carved from bone, wood, horn, bamboo or seeds. These buttons are used in paper crafts, or as closures for clothing. Really unique and different.

Good Luck and Other Auspicious Things - An ecclectic collection of all sorts of things including Greek blue eyes, worry beads, Tibetan charms, prayer beads, natural crystals,....

Tea - Indigenous Nepali high altitude tea. Tea is in assorted gift packs.

Incense - Typical Nepal/Newari ritual incense, both stick and cone.

Purses - Silk purses and bags for holding Tibetan prayer beads, or for use as packaging for small gifts or even as a purse.
NEW little purses made of paper!!

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