Original Artist

Keady (borderline collie)
Born somewhere in the Bruce Peninsula, Keady was about 3 months old when she lept into our arms from the back of a truck at Keady Market in July of 1990. Hence her name! Evidently, she was border collie busy and her former owners simply could not cope! Her busy-ness and ingenuity led her to create the "dog" part of our Grubby Paws line. They are her paw prints. She passed away in February 2005, but lives on in our hearts and her designs.

 Original Artist

Kat adopted us around Christmas time 1988. It seems that he had been dumped in our neighbourhood. Although, initially, we were not 'cat people', he insisted that he belonged to us, and moved in. Thus, he stayed - with attitude! When Keady arrived, they became fast buddies, which led to the fruitful collaboration of Grubby Paws. Our surly tabby passed on in August 2005, but he too lives on through his paw art.


Alfie, a pure bred border collie, was born in Kincardine Township on February 19, 2002. He was the only four-legged child whose birth date we knew for sure! We heard about a collie who had flunked sheep and it was Alf. We adopted him in August 2002 and he set to work right away assisting Keady with her work. It seems that he had grander plans in life than herding sheep. For recreation, he preferred to herd Clydesdales! As well as the creative side of the business, he was our chief public relations officer particularly at trade shows, such as Pijac. He was a classic, handsome border collie who was a natural at meeting people. He became a working therapy dog for the St John's Ambulance dog therapy visiting programme and had just received his certification when he became ill with cancer. In three weeks after diagnosis, he passed to the rainbow bridge, on October 25, 2011.

In November 2004, Alfie found Maky in the barn. He was so small, he could fit in your hand. The vet estimated he was less than 2 months old. He has grown into a gorgeous red and white cat with amber eyes, bright and very active with a definite sense of humour. Those who know cats, say he looks like a Turkish Angora - his fur is very fine and silky but does not mat, and his tail is as long as he is and folds up over his back like a squirrel's when he walks. He has taken over Kat's duties with ease and aplomp, holding his own in the face of the two dogs.


After our beloved Alfie succumbed to cancer in October of 2011, there was a huge gap in our lives - and Tekki was lost without her buddy. We checked a Border Collie Rescue, and found Pete. He was promoted as 10 years old, but nobody told him. He tore around like a 5 year old. Since we adopted him in mid December 2011 he wormed his way into all our hearts. He was a wonderful addition to the family and to the Grubby Paws design team.

After he settled in, we discovered he had 6 rotten teeth, which were dealt with. Then the lymphoma showed up - 6 months of once a week visits to Guelph Cancer Centre for chemotherapy. In addition, we found from his "papers" he was really 12 years old!- Born in 2000!! But all this did not slowed him down at all - he was also a St John's therapy dog and a full contributor to Grubby Paws.

Pete recovered fully from the cancer and we had a couple of wonderful years with him. He went downhill very fast in late November 2014, and passed quietly in his sleep on December 5.

Tekki came to us via the Border Collie Rescue in June of 2005. Her age is debated, but it is likely she was about 6-8 months old at that time. She is a busy little girl with a tough past. Although she does not appear to have been maltreated, she was found as a stray (dumped?) and has issue with motorcycles, bicycles and baby buggies!! She is wary of human strangers, at first, but warms up quickly. She and Maky get along famously. Her job is to bug everyone all the time as well as create, administer and be the spokes-bitch for our Apawthecary line. Tekki is now a st. John's therapy dog and loves visting the local seniors residences.

After several months of searching after the passing of Pete, we finally found Skye, a rescued Border Collie. She celebrated her first birthday in July, 2015. She had a difficult start in life - did not know her name and had limited opportunities to run and play. She has quickly made up for her lost time, and is now enjoying being a Border Collie. Her favourite place is the local Dog Park. She also discovered water, and loves playing on the beach.


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