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At last! A truly useful yet sophisticated product line to make our life with our people even better!! Our designs are carefully created for our use (Cats & Dogs) but they also help our people keep things neat and tidy. Every Dog and Cat needs his or her own furniture covers, beds, bowls and place mats.

We, Skye, Macgregor and Tekki pledge that we will endeavour to provide you with the best products with the best design and the best prices.

We have worked very hard to continue Keady and Kathmandu's legacy to design unique and practical products that are understated yet elegant.

Our Paw Ware ceramic line is people safe, that is, lead free. Good enough for people: Good enough for Pets! Our Ceramics are all hand made in Canada. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. The off white is a light look which coordinates with our natural cotton textiles beautifully. Just imagine a bowl and placemat combo. We have even thought of people! The medium bowl is perfect for cereal or fruit....and the mug!! - a full 2 cups! Now that's a "cup of coffee", or tea, or hot chocolate, or soup...we think you get the idea.

Our textile products are made from 100% unbleached cotton. The throws are designed to cover furniture, beds, or whatever people wish we would not sit on - but we will. These are so we can be comfortable too, but not raise the ire of our people. The weave varies, depending on the use of the product, smooth and tight for throws that do not catch little claws, and loose and soft for the noney-comd throw that we can snuggle in with our people on a cold winter night. We have mats for the bath and for the back door to catch some of the mud we know we will generate, and place mats to make our dining more elegant and neat. We recommend warm water or cold water wash for our textiles and machine dry on medium, or line dry for ecological resourcefulness. There is no need to iron these items - we like things a bit rumpled! Cosier.

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Paw Balm
An all natural salve based on olive oil and beeswax with natural plant healing additives. Designed as a balm for dog paws for rough, sore, cracked, or dry pads. Sooths paws after exposure to road salt, or after a walk on hot sidewalks. Paw Balm can also be used on dry, cracked, itchy skin, "hot spots", etc. Paw Balm is "lickable" - can be licked without causing any harm to the dog. If a condition persists, see your vet.

Thoroughly tested on humans, now approved for pets!
75ml tin

Bona Fido Soap
Handmade all-natural soap available in three "flavours" - tea tree (healing), cedar (insect repellent) or plain, all with a neutral pH. The tea tree and cedar leave a mild scent after application. The soap lathers and rinses easily (depending on the hardness of the water). Each bar is approximately 110 gm (4 oz). Bona Fido Soap can be used on dogs of all sizes. The bone shape is easy to handle. It can also be used on cats as long as they do not object to the dog bone shape!

Bar Soap
The bar soap is made of exactly the same ingredients as the Bona Fido soap, but is in a traditional bar shape. Each bar is approximately

To order these or other items, go to either of our web stores:
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Grubby Paws offers a selection of paper items including lanterns, wrapping paper, journals and gift tags. The paper is all handmade Lokta paper from Nepal. Lokta is a high altitude plant which produces long fibers idea for making paper. The Lokta bush can be harvested about every seven years, so it is a sustainable resource.

To order these or other items, go to either of our web stores:
Grubby Paws Canadian $ Web Store

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