Rigby Trade Limited is the home of Grubby Paws Pet lifestyle products, which include a wide range of useful and decorative dog gifts and cat gifts. Click here to go directly to the Grubby Paws web store. also includes the Wildlife Collection of Bear, Moose and Wolf gifts with Bear paw prints, Moose hoof prints and Wolf paw prints.

(note the people "paw") produces a range of ceramic art and jewellery , including our new Leaf Art collection based on real leaves, hand built objects, and the Reliks Collection. Added to this is Gemwaith Gwynedd, our line of Celtic pewter jewellery.

We also stock more than 200 styles of Lokta handmade paper from Nepal in sheet form and a wide range of paper lanterns.

Rigby Trade at a Glance

Unique Pet Lifestyle Gifts

Natural Grooming Aids for Dogs

Art Ceramics

Hand Built Objects
by Jane Rigby

Ceramic Jewellery

Handmade in Canada

Maple Leaf Art

 Each item is based on a real maple leaf! No two are the same!

 Handmade Lokta Paper
Sheets, Lanterns, etc.

Lokta Paper

Wildlife Collection
Bear, Moose and Wolf

Gemwaith Gwynedd

Celtic Pewter and Gifts

See also our Celtic ceramic jewellery

Buddhist Religious Objects 

Tibet - Nepal Religious Items
Please check out our retail store, The Back Room on Princes located in Kincardine, Ontario at 737 Princes St. near Victoria Park. 

includes dog bowls, cat bowls, treat jars, place mats, floor mats,
and pet health products. All
Grubby Paws items are natural off white with brown "grubby" dog paws prints or cat paw prints. Grubby Paws is about 90% Canadian made. is available for both wholesale and retail customers. We have web stores available for both.

The Wildlife (bear, moose and wolf) collection features the same ceramics and textiles but with bear paw prints, moose hoof prints and wolf paw prints.

Rigby Trade is a producer of ceramic giftware and jewellery. We have unique one-of-a-kind gift ceramic art items, and our ceramic "Reliks" jewellery, which features unique Celtic designs as well as dragon pendants, cross pendants, and ceramic Scottish jewellery.

Handmade lokta paper from Nepal is also available from Rigby Trade. We stock more than 200 styles of sheet Lokta paper, as well as many made up items. The lokta paper can be seen in our store, The Back Room on Princes. Detailed printed catalogues are also available for on line wholesale customers.

Rigby Trade also stocks Gemwaith Gwenedd, Celtic pewter jewellery from Wales.

We have Hot Stuff, a wide range of inexpensive costume jewellery.

We also stock Tibetan Buddhist articles from Nepal including prayer wheels, bells, vajras, and cast bronze statues.

Our retail store, The Back Room on Princes, at 737 Princes Street in Kincardine. Ontario, Canada carries all of the items shown on the website, and much more. We have a wide range of giftware from all over the world. Wholesale customers are welcome to visit the store as well.

This website is divided into retail stores for Grubby Paws dog gifts and cat gifts, and for our Reliks ceramic celtic, dragon, cross and Scottish jewellery. A separate wholesale store is provided where retail stores can prepare their orders for Grubby Paws dog and cat bowls, treat jars, place mats, floor mats, etc. and items from the Apawthecary. A wholesale store for the Reliks ceramic jewellery will be available soon. In the interim you can contact us for information on wholesale discounts.

We have now developed our own line of Art Ceramics. Click here for a preview.

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